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About the company

Dempsey Resource Management Inc. (DEMPSEY) is an executive search and referral services company. We do assist our client companies in the sourcing of competent and qualified candidates to fill up various job positions in their organization. The job positions we are targeting for our referred candidates are those intended for direct hiring by our clients.

Our company is not a contracting agency. We do not hire and deploy people to other companies for contractual, temporary jobs or even special projects.

Our Goal

We strive to become a significant venue both for private companies and professionals for the purpose of matching their respective needs, creating opportunities for productive, meaningful and long-term employment.

Our Desires

  • To provide companies (CLIENT) quality service and assistance to ease their direct hiring process by way of sourcing, profiling, prequalifying and endorsing applicants in the most prompt and efficient manner;
  • To provide opportunities to professionals (APPLICANT) in their quest to find the right job that will hone their natural talent, enhance their acquired skills, and maximize their potential to become an efficient, productive and successful employee;
  • To promote and nurture our staff and personnel (EMPLOYEE) to strive for excellence in providing executive search and placement services;
  • To create an ideal office-work environment (OFFICE) that will make our people inspired in their assigned tasks, and to encourage competitive cooperation among them, and reward productivity;
  • To sustain our operation (STOCKHOLDERS) and the above pillars of good service by way of decent return on investments, providing incentives and satisfaction to all our stakeholders

Join us

By applying through email, the Applicants’ resume will automatically be put on our active file. Once we determine that your qualification and/or experience matches that of the Clients’ requirements, we shall endorse you to the Client for their own screening and short-listing.

The general information about the Client and other relevant matters will be discussed with your once our Client inform us to schedule you for your interviews and evaluation process.

Once endorsed, our Candidate will have better opportunity of getting hired.

4th Floor (Unit 405): 4564912 / 4566431

5th Floor (Unit 504): 3523115 / 4565916 

Company Size: 101 - 499 Employees
Industry: Human Resources
Location: 4th and 5th Floor, Vicars Building, 31 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. Vasra, Quezon City, Philippines
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