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Robo-headhunting connects
you with employers

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What is Robo-headhunting?

With more companies in the Philippines emphasizing on finding the right employee to improve business efficiencies, we introduce Robo-headhunting to you, a fully-automated executive placement service based powered by our very own machine learning algorithms that automatically matches you with employers and help you gain access to the hidden job market.

Why join Headhunt Me?

Hidden Opportunities

Employers know their specific needs to fill their job roles and always looks out for the best way to find the most suitable talents amidst thousands of applications. Opt-in to Robo-headhunting to stand out from other applicants, gain first-hand hidden job opportunities and get in touch directly with employers.

Total Privacy

Have full control over accepting or rejecting job matches that are sent to you personally, allow access to your full resume and stay on the radar for potential job matches from various employers.

24/7 Automation

Unique algorithm intelligently matches your skills and experiences with suitable jobs everyday and around the clock, allowing your profile to be matched with all the latest jobs posted.

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Simply complete a 3-step activation process and start getting
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